Odfjell Tankers as Owner and Ravago LM Pte Ltd. as Charterer of the MT BOW TRAJECTORY – SMA 4355

DEMURRAGE – OFF-SPECIFICATION OF CARGO – INERTING SYSTEMS – DELAY TO DISCHARGE CARGO  Upon arrival at the first discharge port the cargo was determined to be off-specification. Due to this the Vessel accrued demurrage which the Owner claimed against the Charterer. The Charterer contended that the Owner was liable for the deterioration of the cargo and thus the subsequent delay and demurrage.  Odfjell Tankers (hereinafter, “Owner”) entered into a charter party under the Asbatankvoy form with Ravago LM Pte Ltd (hereinafter, “Charterer”) for the transport of 10,000 mt Mono Ethylene Glycol (MEG) on the MT BOW TRAJECTORY (hereinafter, “Vessel”) from...
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