MTM Trading LLC, as Disponent Owner of the MTM SANTOS and Tricon Energy Ltd., as Charterer – SMA 4356

DEMURRAGE – ICE CONDITIONS – SAFE BERTH – ICE CONVOY  Owner claimed demurrage from Charterer arising from a delay to proceed to berth due to ice conditions. The delay resulted from the Owner invoking an ice clause in the charter party stating that the Vessel would never be required to follow ice breakers. Charterer contended that the Owner did not exercise this clause reasonably.  This arbitration involved MTM Trading LLC (hereinafter, “Owner”) claiming demurrage amounting to $403,943.87 against Tricon Energy Ltd. (hereinafter, “Charterer”). Owner chartered the vessel MTM SANTOS (hereinafter, “Vessel”) under the Asbatankvoy form to ship 15,000 mt of...
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