Geden Operations Ltd. v. Dry Bulk Handy Holdings Inc. (The “Bulk Uruguay”) – QBD (Comm. Ct.), 28 Mar 2014

NYPE -- ANTICIPATORY BREACH -- WHETHER CHARTERERS ENTITLED TO GIVE VOYAGE ORDERS TO TRANSIT GULF OF ADEN -- OWNERS ASSERTING THAT PERMISSION REQUIRED -- WHETHER OWNERS IN REPUDIATORY BREACH -- Owner Award At dispute is whether Charterer was entitled to terminate the time charter contract with the Disponent Owner because permission by the head owner was required if Charterer instructed the Vessel to transit the Gulf of Aden (GOA) – an area of piracy for which additional war risk premium was payable. Although GOA transit ability was a hard requirement by Charterer in the time charter negotiations with the Disponent Owner, it was not stipulated in the contract between Disponent Owner and head owners.
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