London Arbitration 1/11

NYPE 1946 -- TIME CHARTER -- OPTION TO ADD OFF-HIRE PERIOD TO CHARTER PERIOD -- OPTION NOT DECLARED -- VESSEL NOT DELIVERED WITHIN INITIAL CHARTER PERIOD -- Charterer Award During the initial time charter period the Vessel was off-hire for 159 days with the charter party giving Charterer the option to add the off-hire to the charter period. Charterer, without formally advising Owner that they were exercising this option delivered the Vessel two months after the initial period. The Panel determined that either there was no need for Charterer to formally advise Owner of Charterer exercising the option or, even if there was a need, Charterer’s actions leading up to the initial redelivery date and when continuing to trade the Vessel after the initial redelivery date was Charterer advising Owner that off-hire would be added to the initial charter period.
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