Author: Ashley Dietz

London Arbitration 24/19

TIME CHARTER – AMENDED NYPE CHARTERPARTY – FINAL HIRE – SPEED AND CONSUMPTION – VESSEL UNDERPERFORMANCE – WHETHER CONSIDERED GOOD WEATHER CONDITIONS – BUNKERS ON REDELIVERY After Owners claimed against Charterers for the alleged underperformance of the Vessel and failure to redeliver the Vessel to Owners with the correct amount of bunkers. The Tribunal was then left to determine whether the Charterer provided adequate proof to deny any amount due to Owner.
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Classic Maritime Inc v Limbungan Makmur Sdn Bhd and Another – Court of Appeal (Haddon-Cave, Males and Rose LJJ) [2019] EWCA Civ 1102 – 27 June 2019

CONTRACT OF AFFREIGHTMENT – FORCE MAJEURE – CLAIMED DAMAGES – CHARTERERS OBLIGATION TO PROVIDE CARGO – “BUT FOR” TEST – COMPENSATORY PRINCIPLE – OWNER’S APPEAL – CHARTERER’S CROSS-APPEAL After Charterers were found not liable for the damages incurred due to their failure to provide cargo for multiple shipments, Owners then appealed to the Court of Appeal on the damages incurred from the missed shipments whilst Charterers cross-appealed on their liability to provide the cargoes basis the agreed force majeure clause.
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London Arbitration 23/19

After receiving the berthing orders from Charterer, the time-chartered Vessel was unable to raise its anchor and proceed to berth for a limited period of time. Charterers then claimed that during this delay to berth that the Vessel was off hire. Owner claimed against Charterer for the unpaid hire/ damages, whilst Charterers denied liability and submitted a counterclaim against the Owner.

London Arbitration 2/20

FIXTURE RECAP TERMS – AMENDED CLEAN GENCON 1994 CHARTERPARTY – MAIN AGREED TERMS – ARBITRATOR’S JURISDICTION – ARBITRATION PROVISIONS AND CLAUSES When disputes arose between the Owner and Charterer, Owners then appointed an arbitrator. Charterers in turn challenged the arbitrator’s jurisdiction, claiming that no agreed arbitration provision was included within the charterparty.
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Alize 1954 and Another v Allianz Elementar Versicherungs AG and Others (The “CMA CGM Libra”) – Court of Appeal (Flaux, Haddon-Cave and Males LJJ) [2020] EWCA Civ 293 – 4 March 2020

GENERAL AVERAGE – VESSEL GROUNDING ON UNCHARTED SHOAL – VESSEL SEAWORTHINESS – OWNERS OBLIGATION TO EXERCISE DUE DILIGENCE – VESSELS DEFECTIVE PASSAGE PLAN – OWNERS APPEAL – Charterer Award In an appeal over the cargo interests being found not liable to contribute to the general average after the Vessel was grounded, the Court of Appeal was called on to determine if the Vessel’s passage plan rendered the Vessel unseaworthy.
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