Vertical UK LLP v. Dundee Ltd. (The “Nora”) – SMA No. 4051, 16 Nov 2009

ASBATANKVOY -- WHETHER DEMURRAGE IS PAYABLE AFTER LOADING -- REVERSIBLE LAYTIME -- LATE ARRIVAL AT DISPORT -- DAMAGES -- Partial Charterer Award With the Vessel arriving at the disport approximately 72 days later than projected for a customary 14-day voyage, the Charterer incurred $103K demurrage on two barges that were on standby to receive the cargo. After the Vessel arrived, Owner subsequently refused to discharge the cargo until Charterer remitted loadport demurrage. The issues decided by the Panel include liability of consequential barge demurrage and whether the Owner is entitled to collect demurrage prior to discharging when the fixture stipulates "reversible laytime".
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