Team Tankers AS v. Lukoil Pan Americas, LLC. (The “Loukas 1”) – SMA No. 4124, 9 May 2011

EXXONMOBIL VOY 2000 -- MISSING ANCHOR -- INTERIM CLASS CERTIFICATE -- SEAWORTHINESS -- SAFE PORT -- DETENTION -- ROLE OF AGENT -- Partial Owner Award At issue is whether the Owner is in breach of the seaworthiness obligation or Charterer failed to nominate a safe port; and, the relevant assessment of demurrage and detention. Just prior to the fixture, Vessel lost 1 of 2 forward anchors. After obtaining class approval to operate with one anchor temporarily, Vessel tendered NOR at Charterer's load port, informed the Vessel's agent of the missing anchor, loaded and proceeded to the disport range of Northern Chile. After waiting several days, Vessel was instructed to the disport but the pilot refused to berth her given the port's two-anchor requirement. After a replacement anchor was fitted the Vessel encountered delays at subsequent discharge ports due to lack of tankage. In addition to demurrage, Owner claimed detention from Vessel's arrival off Chile until berthing at the first discharge berth.
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