Stolt-Nielsen Transportation Group BV v. Edible Oil Trading Corp. and/or Mineral Gida Dis Ticaret and Lio Oil Industry Inc. and/or Lio Yag Sanayi Ve Tocaret AS (The “Vanni D”) – SMA No. 3903, 25 Nov 2005

VEGOILVOY -- ARBITRATION -- CHARTER -- LOADPORT -- CHARTER PARTY -- CARGO -- VOYAGE -- DEADFREIGHT -- PAYMENT AND CALCULATION OF DEADFREIGHT -- Owner Award The Owners brought arbitration against three separate Charterers in order to collect lost profits from an improper cancellation. Six days before arriving at loadport, the Owner received a message asking Him/Her to cancel the Charter Party because the cargo was unavailable. However, because voyage was underway and there was no locatable substitute cargo, the Vessel arrived, tendered NOR, and sailed with deadfreight.
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