Shell Trading U.S. Company v. Vinmar International Ltd. (M/T “SOLAR NESRIN”) – SMA No. 4461, 26 June 2023

UNPAID DEMURRAGE – VINMAR TERMS – UNPAID INTEREST, COSTS, AND FEES – PARTIAL PAYMENTS On January 28, 2023, SHELL issued a demurrage invoice to VINMAR in the amount of $ 77,079.84, as per the laytime calculations with a due date of 1 March 2021. VINMAR did not dispute the demurrage charges but argued the invoice should be reduced by balances allegedly owed to VINMAR by a different SHELL entity from an unrelated transaction. SHELL initiated arbitration for recovery, subsequently receiving partial payment by VINMAR of the disputed amount. SHELL continued with arbitration proceedings to reclaim the remaining unpaid demurrage, associated costs, fees, and interest.
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