Scope Navigation, Inc. v. Standard Tankers Bahamas Ltd. (The “Seaking”) – SMA No. 4104, 17 Dec 2010

EXXONMOBIL VOY 2005 -- INTEREST ON UNDISPUTED DEMURRAGE -- ADVERSE WEATHER -- DEPARTURE DELAY DUE TUGS -- SIGNING DOCUMENTS -- REDELIVERY OF LIGHTERAGE EQUIPMENT AND MOORING MASTER -- Partial Owner Award At issue is whether Charterer is responsible for interest on a late payment of undisputed demurrage, whether weather related delays existed within the context of ExxonMobil VOY2005's Clause 14, whether Charterer or Owner was responsible for the delay in departing berth due to a lack of tugs, whether time ceased at documents onboard or upon signing, and the assessment of time after a transshipment i.e. whether time stops at hoses off or upon the Vessel redelivering the lighterage equipment and mooring master.
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