BBC Chartering Inc. v. CVG Bauxilum, CA (The “Kronoborg” & The “BBC Georgia”) – SMA No. 4229, 24 Feb 2014

GENCON -- DETENTION DUE TO VESSEL GROUNDING -- UNPAID FREIGHT BEFORE BREAKING BULK (BBB) -- CARGO LEIN -- OUTSTANDING LIABILITY -- Owner Award Owner commenced Shortened Arbitration Procedures to recover $33K in demurrage, detention, and ancillary costs under two voyages. At issue under the first voyage concerned the Charterer’s “safe berth, safe port, always afloat” obligation as it relates to the Vessel’s grounding at the loadport, subsequent hull inspection costs, and departure delay. Under the second voyage the Owner enforced a lien on the cargo while awaiting Charterer’s freight payment and seeks compensation for detention.
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