London Arbitration 8/14

GENCON -- WHETHER LAYTIME SUSPENDED AT LOADPORT -- FREIGHT PAYMENT ON “SIGNED/STAMPED FREIGHT INVOICE” OR “BREAKING BULK” -- NOR VALIDITIY -- WHETHER INVALIDITY OF NOR WAIVED -- WHETHER OWNERS ENTITLED TO DAMAGES FOR DETENTION -- CARGO LEIN -- WHETHER CARGO LIEN REASONABLY EXERCISED -- Owner Award Owner is seeking compensation for balance of freight, demurrage, and detention. Charterer rejected the Vessel’s NOR tendered during port traffic delays due to the breakdown of a dredger; denied liability on balance 5% freight due based on Owner failing to comply with a C/P clause stipulating that freight be payable after receipt of “signed/stamped freight invoice” on Owner’s official letterhead but always before breaking bulk; and, denied demurrage at disport based on the fact that the SOF showed a second NOR and thus holding Owner bound by that. In turn, Owner exercised a lien on the cargo at disport awaiting payment of freight, consequently claiming detention and/or demurrage.
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