London Arbitration 6/23

DEMURRAGE – ENGINE BREAKDOWN – SIX MONTH DELAY – CHANGES TO PORT REGULATIONS – CHANGE TO DISCHARGING PORT – DELAY TO DISCHARGE – SEAWORTHINESS OF VESSEL – ENGINE REPAIRS DELAYED DUE TO COVID-19 PANDEMIC CONDITIONS A vessel was chartered to carry part cargo of steel pipes from Turkey to Futuna Island in the French Pacific Ocean Islands. An engine breakdown off Mauritius required lengthy repairs and was complicated by shortages due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Nearly a year later, the vessel arrived at the intended discharge port but was turned away due to new port entry requirements. The vessel was quickly rerouted to Fiji and incurred demurrage of US$37,317.71 while awaiting discharging operations to begin. Charterers refused to pay, claiming the delay was the owners’ fault, and arbitration proceedings commenced.
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