London Arbitration 14/23 

TIME CHARTER – ANCHORAGE IN MISSISSIPPI – HURRICANE IDA – GROUNDING – 360-DEGREE SWING ANCHOR CHAIN ENTANGLEMENT – TUG ASSISTANCE – DELAYS – OFF-HIRE – UNSAFE ANCHORAGES –INDEMNIFICATION OF OWNERS - CLAUSE 8 OF NYPE FORM – BREACH OF WARRANTY - VESSEL ALWAYS AFLOAT – ALLEGED NEGLIGENCE OF MASTER - HULL FOULING – FRESH OR BRACKISH ANCHORAGE WATER – LATE EVIDENCE. A vessel was chartered for an 80-90 day one-way trip from the US Gulf to China under an amended NYPE 1946 form with additional clauses. Berthing in New Orleans/Mississippi River was delayed by Hurricane Ida, leading to a 34-day wait at Alliance Anchorage. After loading bulk corn, the vessel sailed on September 27, 2021, and was redelivered in China on December 7, 2021. Arbitration was sought to resolve disputes over final hire accounts, grounding of the vessel, fouling of the hull, and alleged negligence of the master.
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