Koyo Kaiun Co. Ltd., as Claimant-Owner of the MT Clarice, MT Amelia, MT Xena and Liquistream Americas Inc. as Respondent – SMA 4347

DEMURRAGE – TIME BAR – DOCUMENTARY REQUIREMENTS – STATEMENT OF FACTS – PORT LOGS – PARTIAL FINAL AWARD  Owner claimed demurrage against Charterer, who contended that the claims were time-barred per clauses added by Charterer to the charter fixtures.  This partial final award covered three separate demurrage claims that were consolidated into a single proceeding. Koyo Kaiun Co. Ltd. (hereinafter, “Owner”) claimed against Liquistream Americas Inc. (hereinafter, “Charterer”), who contended that the claims were time-barred per the agreed contract. The main dispute of this partial final award was whether the claims are time-barred, and not the specifics of the amount...
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