J. Lauritzen Bulkers A/S, as Disponent Owner/Claimant, – and – Interoceanic Corp., as Charterer/Respondent – SMA 4368

FORCE MAJEURE – HURRICANE – WHETHER FORCE MAJEURE WAS PREMATURE – LAYCAN – REPUDIATORY BREACH  Owner claimed Charterer wrongfully repudiated the charter after Charterer declared force majeure prior to the laycan.  J. Lauritzen Bulkers A/S (hereinafter, “Owner”) claimed against Interoceanic Corp. (hereinafter, “Charterer”) for repudiatory breach in contract following Charterer’s declaration of force majeure. The parties entered into a charter on an amended FOSFO form for carriage of a cargo of ammonium sulphate on the TBC PRESTIGE (hereinafter, “Vessel”) from the load port of Pasadena, Texas to ports in Brazil. The loading facility in Pasadena, PCI Nitrogen, was purchased by...
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