Interoceanic Corporation v Helm Dungemittel GMBH and Helm Fertilizer Corp. – SMA 4305, March 3, 2017

FOB SALE - VESSEL ARRIVING LATE - SECOND VESSEL NOMINATED - CONTRACT AMENDED FOR NEW LAYCAN - PRODUCER’S MARKETER CLAIMED DAMAGES FOR ALLEGED EFFORTS TO AVOID PLANT SHUTDOWN - BUYER CLAIMED FOR DEMURRAGE AND DAMAGES DUE TO MISSED OPPORTUNITY A contract was fixed for the sale of ammonium sulfate to be loaded in Pasadena, Texas. After the originally nominated vessel was to miss the laycan, a replacement vessel was nominated. The contract was then re-negotiated with a new window and cargo quantity. Later, the producer’s marketer claimed for damages incurred when several barges were loaded to avoid a plant shutdown. The buyer claimed for demurrage and damages due to a missed opportunity.
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