Clarendon, Ltd., Mark Rich & Co., and Adam Maritime Corp. v. Carina International Shipping Corp (The “Sobral”) – SMA No. 3277, 26 Jun 1996

ASBATANKVOY -- LINES -- CARGO -- TERMINAL -- BERTH -- PARCEL -- CHARTER -- DEMURRAGE -- HEDGE LOSS -- FREIGHT -- Owner Award Due to clogged Vessel lines, the Vessel could only receive the first cargo parcel at a much slower rate than the terminal’s potential output. So, fearing additional slowdowns, the terminal forced the Vessel off berth to clean her lines before loading a second parcel and simultaneously chartered another vessel to load the third parcel. The Owner drafted a demurrage claim for off berth cleaning time while the Charterer counterclaimed for hedge loss, reduced market value, and freight compensation.
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