Chembulk Trading II LLC v. Interchem Logistics BC (The “Chembulk Hong Kong”) – SMA No. 4071, 26 Apr 2010

ASBATANKVOY -- NOTICE OF READINESS PRIOR COMMENCEMENT OF LAYDAYS -- USCG COC INSPECTION -- CONTRACT CONSTRUCTION -- Owner Award The Vessel arrived and tendered Notice of Readiness (NOR) just prior to the commencement of laydays, but waited several days because the port was closed due to a hurricane. On berthing, the Vessel had to obtain a Certificate of Compliance (COC) before any loading operations could begin. Charterer refuted Owner's demurrage claim, declaring that the Notice of Readiness (NOR) was invalid as the NOR was tendered prematurely (prior to the laydays) and Vessel was not legally ready to load without the COC. The arbitrator reviews the charter terms and facts to determine the validity of NOR and the commencement of laytime.
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