CA Shipping & Chartering v. International Commodities Export Corp. (The “Audre”) – SMA No. 4077, 31 May 2010

FOSFO -- HAZARDOUS CARGO -- REPUDIATION OF CHARTER PARTY -- DEADFREIGHT -- DETENTION -- Owner Award Vessel’s inoperable smoke detection system caused Charterer to refuse to load cargo of bulk sulphur citing OSHA’s claiming the cargo to be hazardous (subsequently requiring a smoke detector system) despite IMO, SOLAS, USCG, Charterer’s supplier and LLOYD’s deeming the cargo to not be hazardous nor requiring the Vessel to have smoke detectors. Owner repudiated the charter and was awarded deadfreight (less savings from not performing the voyage). Owner was not awarded detention basis an express term stipulating damages for non-performance will be "proven damages not exceeding the estimated amount of freight." Panel had already awarded the value of the freight.
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