BBC Chartering Carriers GmbH Co. KG and The Shopping Metal USA, Inc., Charterers, M/V BBC MARYLAND, CP 8/6/2017 – SMA 4351

DEMURRAGE – AMENDED FINAL AWARD – NO OBJECTION TO CLAIM – NO RESPONSE FROM RESPONDENT Owner initiated arbitration proceedings against Charterer over an unpaid demurrage amount. Charterer issued no response or objection to the claim. BC Chartering Carriers GmbH Co. KG (hereinafter, “Owner”) claimed the demurrage balance from The Shopping Metal USA, Inc. (hereinafter, “Charterer”) after the Charterer failed to pay the outstanding balance within the time allocated by the charter party under the Gencon form. The demurrage amount in question totaled $13,265.62. Under the provisions of the charter party the dispute was to be conducted using the Shortened Arbitration...
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