American Eagle Tankers Inc., Ltd. v. Basis Petroleum, Inc. And Blue Circled Shipping Co., Ltd. (The “Bregen”) – SMA No. 3537, 8 Jun 1999

ASBATANKVOY -- VALVE -- DISPONENT -- LIGHTERING -- BERTH -- DISPORT -- NOR -- PORT -- DEMURRAGE -- CHARTER PARTY -- SEAWORTHINESS -- DUE DILIGENCE -- Owner Award Due to a valve malfunction, the Disponent Owners’ nominated lightering Vessel missed her berth call at disport and was forced to re-tender NOR. The Owners then argued that the delays incurred at port were beyond their control and likewise defined as demurrage by the charter. But the Sub-Charterers refused their claim per Vessel unseaworthiness and lack of Owners’ due diligence.
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