Buenamar Compania Naviera, SA v Panatlantic Bulk Carriers, Inc. – SMA 1339, 9 Jun 1979

BALTIMORE BERTH GRAIN FORM - DEVIATION - LATE LOAD PORT NOMINATION - DEADFREIGHT - LT ALLOWANCE - ALWAYS AFLOAT Several disputes arose between an owner and charterer concerning a cargo delivery that took place from Texas to Columbia. This included a deviation claim arising from a late port nomination and a short load due to draft at the public elevator. The owner had attempted to prevent the issue by requesting a change in load port rotation, but this never came to fruition. The owner contended that the charterer failed to provide a berth whereat the vessel could load always afloat, and charged deadfreight for the unloaded quantity. A dispute also arose over whether laytime allowance should be received were deadfreight to be paid.
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