Glencore International AG v. MSC Mediterranean Shipping Co SA – EWCA Civ 365, 24 May 2017

ERS – BILL OF LADING – CARGO DISCHARGE TO WRONG RECEIVER After 69 uneventful deliveries, the 70th delivery was misappropriated when delivering against an electronic release system (ERS) rather than in exchange for a B/L or Delivery Order. fter 69 deliveries, discharge of the 70th shipment saw 2 of 3 containers misappropriated.  Glencore claimed damages against MSC for breach of contract, bailment and conversion when MSC delivered the cargo without requiring the B/L or a Delivery Order in exchange for it.  The B/L provided, “If this is a negotiable (To Order/of) Bill of Lading, one original Bill of Lading, duly...
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