Blue Fin Tankers Inc. as Disponent Owner of the MIT DA YUAN HU and MIT DA MING HU as Claimant, and Owner and Tesoro Far East Maritime Company SA as Charterer, and Respondent – SMA 4323

DEMURRAGE – SUSPENDED LAYTIME – TAKING ON LUBE / SPARES – INTERNAL STRIPPING – PUMP WARRANTY – INTEREST – ASDEM PUMPING PERFORMANCE FORMULA Upon receipt of Owner’s demurrage claims, charterer deducted time whilst Vessel loaded lube and spares, internal stripping during discharge, and a deduction for failing to discharge within the warranted 24 hours or maintain an average of 100 PSI at the manifold. his arbitration was initiated by Blue Fin Tankers Inc. (hereinafter, “Owner”) against Tesoro Far East Maritime Company SA (hereinafter, “Charterer”) in regards to disputes over demurrage claims with respect to three voyage charters. The charters were...
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