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Keytrade Africa SA, as Claimant, and Asbita Sarl, as Respondent (Final Award) – SMA 4331

DEMURRAGE – LATE PAYMENT – SOLE ARBITRATOR – RESPONDENT FAILED TO RESPOND TO CLAIMS Keytrade Africa SA claimed for demurrage and interests on late payments against Asbita Sarl when they failed to submit payment before the date specified in their Settlement Agreement. eytrade Africa SA (hereinafter, “Keytrade”) entered into an Assignment Agreement with Keytrade AG wherein they took all rights and obligations from Keytrade AG to pursue a claim against Asbita Sarl (hereinafter, “Asbita”) for demurrage with respect to two voyages. The claims were the result of late demurrage payments and interests accrued during the discharging operations of the two...
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